Society demands it. A glamorous lifestyle beckons. Even if it is not glamorous, it has to be chic, swank and comfortable. Apart from cars and apartments, there are pursuits of interests, passions, hobbies,

fine-dining, exotic vacations, careers.

Launching into this profession means losing pretty much all of them; at least for a good half of your life. It suffers attrition from those who could not afford to take it up and those who could but choose not to.

That is why this profession is becoming rare these days. In fact, it is becoming so rare, it would probably go extinct.

It is a profession because it demands specialised (on-the-job) training, adherence to strict ethical standards and steadfast discipline. It is so gruelling and complex that no institution in the world could adequately equip anyone for it. 

It is all at once a nutritionist, a cook, a psychologist, a medical doctor, a manager, a teacher of ethics, science, mathematics, languages; it is a nurse, a caregiver, a labourer, a strategist. 

If that is not enough, you would be doing them all full-time, 24/7. You guessed right. It is being a mother. But we are going to take it a step further. It is being a Stay-Home-Mother.

And if that is not enough, it is being a Stay-Home-Mother of children with special needs.

First, these professionals volunteer themselves into it, then they dedicate the prime years of their lives into shaping better ones. Being on the job is not just about feeding kids, making sure they attend their classes and activities and whisking them to a clinic when they fall ill.

If you think this is the real deal, you are in for a surprise. 

Nurturing a life and making sure it matures into a beautiful one is an exacting challenge that stumbles even the top executives of multi-national companies. It has confounded kings, ministers, world leaders and the brightest elites of society because the ability to nurture is not something that is easily forged or fixed.

Yet this ability in the Stay-Home-Mother profession is so important because beautiful lives founded upon solid ethics and morals, are precisely what we need for a better world.

For a glimpse of how hard this “nurturing” business could be, check out this typical schedule:

Noticed something? We have not even gotten to the nurturing part yet.

Stay-Home-Mothers are the minority elite, indispensable servant leaders, and the backbone of society.

We celebrate and honour them this Mother's Day.

Permissions have been sought from Cheng E for the republication of this article from his blog. This article was first published on Thumb Prints.

C E Tham

Through blogging and social media, CE Tham and his wife hope to share about their parenting journey with their older boy Joel and his younger brother Amos, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth.

CE Tham and his family can be reached at or at their blog.

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