It’s Not So Hard to Be Socially Enabled

To the member of public who cross our paths,

If you have felt awkward because of how different we, our children, or our loved ones look, behave or sound, 

Don’t be.

We too understand the awkwardness when placed in a context in which we have very little knowledge of what, how and when to react, say or do. So we are here to help you understand us better so you in turn can help us better. 

The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) had recently launched a nationwide Be Socially Enabled Campaign in tandem with the 8th ASEAN Paragames held in December 2015 here in Singapore. We thought that the publications they have produced were very relevant and way cool.

So we make them available here as a starter kit for anyone who wishes to improve on their social enabling skills to better interact and engage persons with disabilities. We hope that in this way, you can allow each other to be socially enabled. Here’s the 101 …


Removing Barriers – Understanding Persons with Disabilties is a publication of NCSS on disability etiquette. This booklet gives an overview of disability types, educates people about the barriers faced by persons with disabilities, corrects some common misperceptions and provides handy tips on how to better interact with persons with disabilities.

Source: NCSS Website


Let's Play Together! is a colourful and fun resource guide for caregivers, educators and social service practitioners to teach them to conduct inclusive games and activities for children with and without special needs. It offers ideas and practical suggestions on how to modify a variety of activities for children with different types of disabilities, to suit each child’s level of functioning.

Source: NCSS Website


NCSS developed an easy-to-read guidebook of the articles in the UNCRPD to facilitate understanding amongst the general public about the rights of persons with disabilities.

Source: NCSS website

When we start to understand each other better, barriers are removed, perceived fears are diminished and all of a sudden, it is not so hard after all to be a friend. For this friendship-to-be, we dedicate this poem to you..

It’s Not So Hard ….
to play with us or our children
to involve us in your community

It’s Not so hard
When you start to understand
We are just like you
Persons first, who live, love, laugh and play
Its not so hard
To not be afraid of us
To not be afraid of the differences
To not be afraid of the awkward new normal

It’s not so hard
To be a friend
To talk to us
And be part of OUR new normal

It’s not so hard
After all

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