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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Special Seeds. We are Singapore’s first and only online parenting resource magazine for caregivers of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and special needs.

As Singapore enters a new era with the end of SG50, we too felt compelled to initiate a new era of active citizenship within the special needs caregiving scene. It is this calling that led to a collaborated effort in making this ezine a reality.

Special Seeds is a purely community driven initiative, run by caregivers of PWDs, for caregivers and PWDs. We aim to eventually raise sufficient funding to provide and facilitate internship programmes and jobs for this special population.

Special Seeds is also launched to facilitate conversations not just within the special needs community but also with stakeholder groups critical in seeding a truly inclusive and nurturing environment for our special population and their families.

Through this ezine, we hope to reach out to everyone in Singapore: parents, teachers, policy makers, allied health and medical professionals,  members of the public, inviting them to use this as a platform to have a conversation with this special population in Singapore thereby supporting one another to truly grow into an enabling, inclusive and compassionate society.

We are committed to providing local relevant, objective, informative and inspiring content and relevant services to our readers. You will find different perspectives, hear different voices, and connect to many relevant groups of people who will help you along in your caregiving journey, in your personal growth as a person with disability, in your empathy as a member of public, provide you with insight to help fine tune your policies as a policy maker, your teaching approach as an educator or therapist and in your patient servicing capability as a medical or health professional.


As Ms Denise Phua, Member of Parliament & Mayor of Central Singapore, aptly puts it, to build a truly inclusive and enabling society,

…it will take a village – school, government, educators, coaches, employers and many helping hands. Every one of us can make a difference in our circles of influence, wherever we are."

-- Ms Denise Phua, Member of Parliament & Mayor of Central Singapore
(21 November 2015, Facebook Status Update)

We aspire to nurture an environment that provides Access. Dignity. Not pity for our special brothers and sisters.

On behalf of the team at Special Seeds, we ask that you support us in this cause. Together, we can achieve many lasting benefits for the special community in Singapore!


Sally Kwek

Founding Editor

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