How a Dog’s Belief in a Child Helped Her Believe Too

It doesn't matter what your trouble is, Telly the therapy dog will listen without judging.

A story by Our Better World – telling stories of good to inspire action.

Jarene is a character. She's bouncy, curious and warm, and she loves dogs. 

Telly is also a character. She's bouncy, curious and warm, and she loves humans. 

It didn't take long for the two to become friends. 

When they meet, they play hide and seek, do magic tricks together, roll around on the floor, and play catch.

Telly responds calmly to Jarene's sometimes spontaneous, rapid movements and Jarene, who's now 9 years old, puts up with her doggie kisses and boisterous displays of affection. 

If it gets too much and she shies away, Telly doesn't judge.  

Their friendship is special and its significance runs deep. 

To find out what else Telly and Jarene have been up to and also how you can get involved, click here.


How You Can Help

Maureen and Telly together make up Pawsibility, working with those who have special needs, or are struggling with addictions, anger management issues, depression, stress and trauma from such triggers as divorce or bullying. Human and dog help them to navigate challenges, make sense of experiences and learn social emotional skills.

You and your dog can volunteer to join Telly and his friends to provide companionship, motivation and recreation at homes for children and seniors, and hospices.


Producer and writer - Ashima Thomas

Director of Photography - Anshul Tiwari

Photographer and additional videographer - Grace Baey

Our Better World

A story by Our Better World - telling stories to inspire good, an initiative of the Singapore International Foundation

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