Teacher’s Day is just around the corner. I would like to share with you a story about a kindergarten school tucked away in a quiet corner of a street. On the outside, the school is just like...

...any ordinary building. But if you step inside and observe long enough, you will find a bunch of dedicated teachers and staff putting their hearts out to the little ones they teach. Okay, I admit that I may not know all of them, but the few that have taught my children are amazing.

It all started 2 years ago when I transferred my eldest girl to this kindergarten. Her new form teacher, let’s call her Mrs. T made my girl feel so comfortable that she followed the teacher to another room without us. That is not something she will usually do easily, especially with someone she has just met.

A year later, it was my younger boy’s turn to enter nursery. He will be turning 3. However, he is a year-end baby and he also has Down Syndrome. To add to that, he was not very stable in his independent walk and have yet to say his first word then. Hence, a couple of pre-schools and childcare centres that I approached were not very confident of taking him in and the best outcome was being placed on a wait list. 

Perhaps my fear of rejection made me postpone approaching my girl’s school. I did not want to think badly of her school. Finally, I decided to approach the school’s principal and asked if my boy could join the kindergarten as well. I even offered to defer him a year, as after all, he is a year-end baby. To my surprise, she said why not let him try from January itself. We can decide after a term if we should wait or let him continue. The only request she had was that someone from home, either myself or my helper accompany him as he still needs help in the playground, carrying his school bag and communicating with others. 

Fast forward 8 months, his form teacher, who happens to be Mrs. T, shared that it is a joy to have him in the school. And I am sure it came with a lot of effort and sweat as well. She would sign to him in the early days and reassure me that his defiance at times was him being a typical 2 year old. 

I have observed the teachers teaching with joy despite having a difficult day in class. I believe that to do what they do takes a lot of love and a big heart for kids. Thus, for this teacher’s day, I would like to thank not just the teachers and principal there, but also the other staff of the school. Through their big hearts and hands, they have made a building in a quiet corner come alive!

P.S.: Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers in school and at home. 

~ Letter was sent in by our reader, Jenn Ng.


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