My Crafty Corner : Valentines Day Gift Wrapper Instruction

Come join in the fun! Come join in the fun!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we decided to have some fun creating a heart-shaped stamper using empty toilet rolls.  

In fact, you may easily find this idea all over the...internet. This is a very pocket friendly way of making DIY gift wrappers using empty toilet rolls as heart shaped stampers. Not only is it easy on the pocket, it is also a very personalised craft item. The whole family including young children can join in the fun.

Materials Needed :

1. A roll of white drawing paper / white mahjong paper / any white paper
2. Empty toilet rolls
3. Some coloured paints (can be poster paints, acrylic paint or tempera paints)
4. Paper plate or any recycled material as a palette


Step 1
To begin, roll out your paper and use any tape to secure it to the floor or table.


Step 2
Squirt out the paints that you have chosen onto the paper plate.  You could do one colour or several colours.


Step 3
Bend the empty toilet roll into a heart shape. If the shape doesn’t stay, you may use a tape to tape it. We didn’t tape ours though.



Step 4
This is the fun part. Dip the heart shape stamper with paint and start to stamp on the paper. After completion, allow some time to dry the paints. You may use a hair dryer too to speed up the process



Step 5
Write “I Love You” inside the heart. It can be anything, notes, names etc. You may even paint inside the hearts.


Step 6
Your wrapper is now ready and you may start to wrap your gifts. Viola, its done. Easy peasy!


The above task takes about an hour to complete. At the end of the session, my six year old, Heng Ruei, had so much fun with it that he requested to do it again so that he can wrap his own present. 

Linda Wong

Linda believes crafts are a great way to help develop a child.
She can be reached at


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  • Mary H

    Mary H - Tuesday, 05 January 2016

    What a lovely idea! And I super like that it's easy and any child can accomplish this! Thanks for sharing!

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