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11 October 2016

Mom, special needs son turned away from shelter during storm

Source: NBC News

5 October 2016

Children Set 10-Year-Old Special Needs Boy on Fire

Source: KIRO 7

12 September 2016

Here’s How Google’s Blind Lawyer Does His Job

Source: Bloomberg

11 September 2016

New room at Ronald McDonald House provides comfort to children

Source: WIVB News 4

30 August 2016

Tube 'Please offer me a seat' badges for hidden disabilities

Source: BBC

29 August 2016

If Hollywood’s so creative, why can’t it tell new stories about people with disabilities?

Source: The Washington Post

29 August 2016

Schoolgirl with cerebral palsy creates cartoon to explain condition to classmates

Source: Daily Records

11 August 2016

'The Vault' Is a New Hotel Designed to Accommodate and Hire People With Autism

Source: The Mighty

7 August 2016

Meet the Deaf Poets Society, a digital journal for writers with disabilities

Source: PBS

2 August 2016

Trolley ‘makes huge difference' to special needs families

Source: The Irish News

28 July 2016

Xbox Introduces Wheelchair Avatars

Source: Rolling Without Limits

21 July 2016

Marks & Spencer launching autism-friendly school wear

Source: The National Autistic Society UK

20 July 2016

New Emojis Depict Range Of Abilities

Source: Disability Scoop

19 July 2016

Deaf Partners Build Careers at Starbucks Store in Malaysia

Source: Starbucks

14 July 2016

GC to trial wheelchair friendly beach mats

Source: myGC.com.au

11 July 2016

Service Dog Case Headed To Supreme Court

Source: Disability Scoop

5 July 2016

Microsoft is adding a wheelchair option for its Xbox avatars

Source: The Verge

3 July 2016

9-Year-Old Girl Gets A Frozen-Themed Prosthetic Hand

Source: Yahoo! Lifestyle


Meet 8 precious kids who have rare diseases — and learn all about them

Source: Upworthy

16 March 2016

Kmart is doing what other retailers SHOULD do with their catalogues

Source: Mouths of Mums

13 March 2016

Cafes employing staff with disabilities find taste trumps all

Source: Upworthy


A Special Needs Guide to Dental Hygiene

Source: Karen Wang

7 March 2016

The side to the Whole Foods peeled oranges conversation you didn't see

Source: Upworthy

5 March 2016

Gondolas in Venice Will Now Be Wheelchair Accessible

Source: Mashable

28 February 2016

9 ways to support people living with rare diseases and disorders

Source: Mashable

26 February 2016

Being a good parent will physiologically destroy you, new research confirms

Source: Quartz


Striking Out: When Parents Hit

Source: Parenting.com

23 February 2016

Tommy Hilfiger Launches Adaptive Collection for Children With Disabilities

Source: The Mighty

17 February 2016

Microsoft's Radical Bet On A New Type Of Design Thinking


16 February 2016

Diversity in theatre: why is disability being left out?

Source: The Guardian

16 February 2016

Once A Pipe Dream, Disability Community Nearing Completion

Source: disabilityscoop

12 February 2016

Disabled people are allowed to work for pennies per hour — but maybe not for much longer

Source: The Washington Post

12 February 2016

The blind boy who learned to see with sound

Source: BBC

11 February 2016

Lego prosthetic arm for children wins award at Paris show

Source: BBC

11 February 2016

Sleep apnea takes a toll on brain function

Source: UCLA Newsroom

11 February 2016

The dance teacher with Down's syndrome

Source: BBC

9 February 2016

First Responders Ask for Special Needs Info

Source: OzarksFirst.com

9 February 2016

Marks and Spencer launches special needs clothing range for children

Source: Manchester Evening News

7 February 2016

Group aims to clear up misconceptions about children’s feeding tubes

Source: Fox13Now.com

4 February 2016

Video games: A new therapeutic frontier for cerebral palsy

Source: The Globe and Mail

30 December 2015

[Video] This Indonesian Café Serves You Through Sign Language And Lip Reading

Source: M

Question of the Month

  • Q: What are the various compressive suits available and in what way do they help a child with special needs?

    A: There are various compressive suits available worldwide, just do a google search on compressive suits for therapy and a long list will appear. Each suit has different properties, is made of different materials and claims to have certain benefits. For example: compressive suits for children with autism are supposed to improve sensory input. Compressive suits have also been used for children with poor balance and proprioception (knowing where your limbs are in space). However, not all suits are suitable for all children. Compressive suits can cause increased difficulty in breathing, worsen scoliosis or hip dysplasia if not fitted properly.

    Please consult your therapist for an assessment before use.

    Janell Lee
    Paediatric Physiotherapist

Video Spotlight

Credit: A video by Channel 5

Credit: A video by Trixie Chua & Celine Kim for Special Seeds Singapore.

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