The Equine Assisted Training and Employment (Equate) programme gives a resounding yes.  Run by the Equestrian Federation of Singapore, the Equate programme...

Common Mistakes in How Attention is Perceived

To manage issues with attention, it is important to first understand what attention means. It is important to recognise that sometimes our perception of what attention is can be one-dimensional. We often mistakenly penalise the child when he/she seems to display behaviours that do not fit into our perceived definition of attention.
Communication and Feeding are activities that many of us take for granted, and realise how complicated they are, only when any one of ...
I get a lot of parents telling me that they want to increase their child’s muscle tone, so I thought it would be a good idea to differentiate between muscle tone and muscle strength.

The Dog-tor is IN!

Walking through the front doors of Pawsibility, one is warmly greeted by Telly, their therapist with fur, four paws and a rapidly wagging tail. This is often followed by bright beaming smiles and peals of laughter. For children with...
A “special needs child” is defined as having medical, developmental, or neurological challenges, or another type of disability which impacts the entire family system, thereby requiring...

Question of the Month

  • Q: What are the various compressive suits available and in what way do they help a child with special needs?

    A: There are various compressive suits available worldwide, just do a google search on compressive suits for therapy and a long list will appear. Each suit has different properties, is made of different materials and claims to have certain benefits. For example: compressive suits for children with autism are supposed to improve sensory input. Compressive suits have also been used for children with poor balance and proprioception (knowing where your limbs are in space). However, not all suits are suitable for all children. Compressive suits can cause increased difficulty in breathing, worsen scoliosis or hip dysplasia if not fitted properly.

    Please consult your therapist for an assessment before use.

    Janell Lee
    Paediatric Physiotherapist

Video Spotlight

Credit: A video by Channel 5

Credit: A video by Trixie Chua & Celine Kim for Special Seeds Singapore.

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