We wish to thank this mystery lady for her lovely letter to my daughter (Janelle Lau) who has special needs.

My husband met this lady on the train two weeks ago while travelling...

... with Janelle from Boon Keng station to Chinatown station. She wrote a lovely letter and gave this to my daughter before they alighted at Chinatown station.

My husband passed me the letter as he did not read it. When I opened it up to read, I was very touched and felt very blessed. This is the first time we received such a letter from a stranger. I read the letter to my whole family including my daughter.

Our journey may be different from others but we feel blessed to know that we are not alone. 

This little note really brightened up our day. 

My daughter Janelle will always be our Angel. Thank you, kind mystery lady. 

May God bless you for letting us know you care. 

From: The Lau family

~ Letter was sent in by our reader, Joanne Lim.


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