I am a working mum with three young children. My eldest daughter, Janelle, has cerebral palsy. I would like to share how we were met with unexpected kindness from a taxi uncle last month.

My helper, Linda, brings Janelle to KK Hospital for her warm water hydrotherapy sessions on Tuesday once every two weeks. Janelle needs this therapy to improve her muscle strength and to minimize muscle contractions and stiffness. 

On 26 April, Linda brought Janelle to KK Hospital by taxi. They met a very kind taxi driver. He was spontaneous in helping Linda with Janelle’s stroller and during the taxi ride, he asked about my daughter’s condition. 

Upon reaching KK Hospital, this kind Malay taxi uncle refused to accept the taxi fare and insisted on giving them a ride free-of-charge. He explained that having a child with special needs must require quite a bit of expense and that this was only a small way that he could be of help.

My family is very touched by such a show of kindness. We would like to send our bouquet of thanks to the Malay taxi uncle who had been very kind to us. He drives a City Cab taxi (number plate SHA3491). 

Thank you, taxi uncle. May God bless you.

~ Letter was sent in by our reader, Joanne Lim, on behalf of the Lau Family.


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