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Aunty Melinda has been our housekeeper since 2008. She has been with us for seven years.

Although her job scope was mainly cooking and household chores, she has, over the years, taken it upon herself... help me keep an eye on my eight year old with special needs.

She has taken on tube feeding tasks and homework supervision tasks without complaints or bitterness.

Her patience and love for my little girl is consistent and I have peace of mind leaving the house for some respite whenever I need to, knowing that my little girl is in good hands with Aunty Mel.

On top of that, Aunty Melinda has also been quick to look after the needs of the rest of my family. When my elderly mother was ill, Aunty Melinda was always the one who will spontaneously make her herbal tea . When my father passed away, she too grieved with us.

We would like to say thank you, Aunty Melinda. You have become so much a part of our family. We truly appreciate you.


~ Sally Kwek and Jarene Hong, Singapore


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