SGenable has several schemes to provide aid and relief to persons with special needs or disability, and their caregivers.

These schemes can be grouped as:



Allow eligible persons with physical disabilities to park in accessible parking lots.

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Early Intervention Programmes

Schemes available for early childhood therapy and services.

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Equipment, Technology & Home Retrofit

Subsidies for assistive equipment and home retrofits (modifications), such as computers, hearing aids and ramps.

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Includes Public Transport Concession Scheme, VWO Transport Subsidies and Taxi Subsidy Scheme

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Developmental Disability Registry Identity Card (DDR ID Card)

DDR ID card for persons with disabilities is an identification card aimed to help persons with disabilities to integrate into society and live independently to the best of their ability.

Cardholders can also enjoy discounted rates for services and access to facilities offered by participating companies.

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Emergency Short Messaging Service (SMS) Helpline Services

The Emergency SMS helpline allow persons with hearing and/or speech impairment to communicate with the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force in times of emergencies.

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