Question of the Month - March '16

Q: How can Occupational Therapy (OT) help my child with attention issues?

A: Occupational Therapy suggestions for improving attention

Design a facilitative environment to build attention by doing the following: 
1. Remove sensory environmental offenders 
2. Increase and encourage outdoor play as it prepares a restless body by calming it and also increases the flow of oxygen into and throughout the brain due to the physical activity 
3. Correct breathing through nose and encourage deep breathing exercises or activities to help increase attention. Mouth breathers breathe inadequately, leading to a sluggish brain and inattention

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Anita Yadava (Anita Leo)
Clinical Director
Principal Occupational Therapist

Video Spotlight

Credit: A video by Channel 5

Credit: A video by Trixie Chua & Celine Kim for Special Seeds Singapore.

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