Teachers' Day Winning Post 1 - Ms Mary Low

Mary Low, a successful social entrepreneur, shares her story of how a teacher’s passion in helping others made her who she is today.  

“I  am someone who has received special education. 

During my 11 years in the special education school, there were many great teachers who had taught me with their heart. I am extremely grateful to one of them who had patiently guided me in my studies during my school days. She also took great care of my well being. For example, when I had my mood swings and feeling down, or when faced with personal problems, she was the one who encouraged me to persevere on. 

We kept in touch after my graduation, even till today. I am now a Social Entrepreneur, which is made possible because of many people’s kind assistance and not forgetting this very special educator’s constant encouragement for me. 

She is none other than Ms Tan Chor Hui. I am who I am today because she is the one who has made a difference in my school life.”

With the help from Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH), an initiative of Social Innovation Park Ltd (SIP), Mary sets up her own company, “Mary’s Special Gifts”. She helps other social enterprises to sell their products.

To know more about what Mary is doing, watch this video

This Teachers' Day submission by our reader, Mary Low, wins a $50 Mr Bean Voucher. We would also like to present another $50 Mr Bean voucher to Mary's teacher.

We will be contacting Ms Mary Low via email to collect her prize.

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Credit: A video by Channel 5

Credit: A video by Trixie Chua & Celine Kim for Special Seeds Singapore.

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