Teachers' Day Winning Post 2 - Ms Wendy

Wendy is a mother to a child diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADHD and Dyspraxia. She shares with us her story of how dedicated teachers had helped them. 

“My girl is now attending a mainstream school. The journey has been filled with many challenges and it has been very stressful for us since she is in primary one. Every year seems to be as big a struggle for her as it is for us. 

Things actually turn for the better last year when she was in primary 5. We were so lucky to have not just one but three very passionate teachers who came into my child’s learning journey. It was such a relief for us to know that our girl would be in good hands. They assured us, that by giving her more time, she could achieve the targeted goals.  

Although her results had not been ideal but the teachers continued to encourage her to work harder. They would reward her with her favourite food for every little achievement she made.

It was a very tiring journey trying to integrate our child into the mainstream education. There were even times we nearly wanted to give up.

Every now and then, we would share with the teachers her every progress, and they in turn encouraged us to work hand in hand with them, to push our child to achieve even greater heights. We were also very fortunate to have a Allied Educator (AED) supporting our child in the school. 

We are again blessed this year with two out of the three teachers following her through. It is going to be a very crucial year as she is taking her PSLE.

I really hope our child can continue to meet more of such angel teachers as she advances in her education. 

We wish all teachers a Happy Teacher's Day!”

This Teachers' Day submission by our reader, Wendy, wins a $50 Mr Bean Voucher. We would also like to present another $50 Mr Bean voucher to Wendy's favourite teacher.

We will be contacting Ms Wendy via email to collect her prize

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