Most people can’t understand when I said, “He is the only doctor who sees my daughter confidently!”

When children are sick, most parents will want to seek medical advice from...


...the doctors at a General Practitioner (GP) clinic or even to see a child specialist - the pediatrician. It is seldom that parents will send their child to the hospital's Children’s Emergency (CE) for any small ailment. 

But for my four-year-old child - only one out of the many doctors we have seen thus far, is willing to and confidently able to treat her at his GP clinic.

We found this god-sent GP in our estate when we moved into our new flat last year.

Most doctors would have advised me to seek direct treatment at the hospital even for minor ailments and especially if her condition worsens.

For this reason, I tend to manage her illness at home whenever she is down with a mild cold or flu till I feel that she may need additional intervention such as antibiotics or oxygen support to help her to get well.

Thank you, Dr Robin, for giving us the assurance that medical help for Sarah is just conveniently located at where we stay and that we do not have to travel all the way to the hospital to seek treatment for minor illnesses. 

It was because of you that Sarah was able to avert a hospital stay last year when she caught the nasty flu bug. 


Thank you! 

~ Letter was sent in by our reader, Jasmine.


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